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Customize Your Poly Plastic Bags

poly plastic

poly plastic

Poly Plastic bags can be customized to fit your store and target audience. A perfect example of this is a poly plastic bag for Ladybird. This shopper is printed with a delicate monochromatic blue scene, reminiscent of a Chinese pattern one would see at a tea party. This subtle association is a great introduction to the upscale bakery because it will leave customers thinking about the food served on those dishes. The logo isn’t overpowering here; its simplistic but the dot over the “i” is very stylized, trying to show a more whimsical side to the brand.

Poly Plastic bags are a great option for many industries like clothing, food, and accessories. Not only are they the most affordable bags to produce, but they keep the product safe in transit. In this instance, the bag has a wide gussets, which can better larger sized products. The Ladybird shopper also has soft strap handles, giving the customer more comfort when carrying the shopper.

There are many common handle treatments that can be implemented for poly plastic shopping bags, such as: ribbon, rope, tri-fold and clip loop. Depending on your needs, a shopping bag might not be the best choice for you. But poly plastic is very versatile and can be made into a variety of styles, including, but not limited to: t-shirt bags, die cut handles, fold over die cuts, and patch handles. Aside from handles, there are many other possibilities of how to customize these bags. The plastic itself can come in a variety of hues and the ink can be printed in any color imaginable.

Currently, many areas have bag bans on plastic bags because of their impact to the environment. This Ladybird packaging, however, would not be restricted, due to the heaviness of the plastic used, and therefore is considered a reusable bag. Not only is this bag beautiful, but it is also environmentally friendly. Using a heavier gauge of film for plastic makes your bag more durable and its reflective that your brand is making strides to be green.

Everything from the colors and materials of your bags reflects who your brand is. What exactly are you trying to say with your packaging?

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