Eco-Friendly Take Away Bags

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eco-friendly take away bags

eco-friendly take away bags

The organic farm-to-table trend is becoming increasingly popular in chain restaurants and independently owned eateries all over the country. Like every new trend comparable to the gluten-free and non-GMO movement, locally grown, organic foods are dominating the marketplace. As a result, local farmers and the food industry are benefitting immensely. Due to this benefit, eco-friendly take away bags are also rapidly gaining in popularity.

Along with guaranteeing their food is fresh and healthy, businesses will need a particular type of packaging to go along with the organic trend and to also get their name out into the all-natural marketplace.

Many eateries will gravitate towards eco-friendly take away bags. They can be made from natural paper materials such as wood-free, brown, bleached and flip size kraft paper, which can be made with up to 80% post-consumer waste. Once these bags reach the end of their life span, they can be recycled into something new.

Just because a bag is constructed from paper, does not mean it cannot be decorated. There are a variety of ways to customize a kraft bag with soy-based ink, hot stamping and spot uv varnish. These treatments can be paired with a variety of handles which can to add to a company’s identity.

Using these materials will keep the contents in your eco-friendly take away bags safe when transported while supporting the earth friendly contents they hold. Contact us at Prime Line today to customize an Eco-friendly take away bag of your very own.

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