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Do You Miss Matte or Gloss Lamination?

laminated reusable bag


Due to environmental concerns and the increasing regional bag ban regulations, many national retailers and small boutiques have opted out of using lamination on their shopping bags.

However, many miss the matte, shiny or soft touch finishes laminations offer. Matte lamination provides a smooth and sleek texture to paper bags. Gloss lamination, just like matte can create a high-end look for any retail shopper while enhancing the custom design and colors of the bag for clients who prefer a high shine finish.

Soft touch lamination is another treatment relatively new to the packaging industry that offers a soft, buttery finish many love. While most design elements appeal to the sense of sight, soft touch allows a bag to gain attention by stimulating the sense of touch as well.

The 3 treatments above are loved by many, so it’s sad that they are not the most eco-friendly choices and banned by many cities nationwide. But we have alternatives for all these options. If you don’t want a plain kraft paper bag and want to bring back high shine or a nice matte finish without compromising the environment, please give us a call today to discuss some eco-friendly solutions and alternatives.

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