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Celebrities Carrying Unique Bag Designs

bag designs

bag designs

All around Hollywood, we are seeing celebrities carry shopping bags out of their favorite stores. Some of which happen to be retailers that Prime Line Packaging works with. Many of these stores have grabbed the attention of Hollywood’s A-List for their fashionable shoppers and different bag designs.

Young stars like Ashley Tisdale have been spotted frequenting stores like Free People and Intermix. These particular brands have a large target audience but two totally different identities. Considering these stores are totally different, their bag designs reflect their brand identity.

Free People has an eccentric, beatnik identity that shows through their bag designs as well as packaging. This brand will often change the patterns of their cotton bags to encourage customers to return for their packaging that always makes a statement; one of the many things these brands can do.

Intermix, on the other hand, is known for its chic and refined look. The brand identity not only shows through their products, but through packaging as well. The design of their bags is simple with a metallic color scheme and discreet typography, very different from the bright patterns of Free People.

Even though these retailers are different, their packaging reflects the coolness of their brand. Both of these bags are reusable and are made with durable materials. They will not wear out easily and can be used for storage or can be repurposed as a fun DIY project. The bright hues, prints and sleek design of these bags can be mixed and matched with any A-List inspired outfit, no matter the season.

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