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Customized Specialty Boxes

customized specialty boxes

customized specialty boxes

There are many ways to make customized specialty boxes. Many combinations of treatments can create something that’s truly reflective for its contents. One of our newest pieces are these Bliss & Bone boxes that show off a simplistic design in the most elegant way.

These rigid setup boxes are a stand out product because they have so many beautiful features. Little details were not overlooked in creating this one of a kind package. One noteworthy aspect of this design is the linen fabric used. This gives the customized specialty boxes a soft and luxurious feel and displays the contents like a gift to be opened. The pull tab is another item that was given a lot of attention to. Since this tab is used to pull the box out from its casing, genuine leather, a strong material, was used in lue of something durable. Another visually appealing aspect of this box is the hot stamp treatment that makes the Bliss & Bone logo pop off the black background. The packaging appears to be put together, and therefore, the consumer confidence in the quality of the products before opening it.

Aside from looking nice, customized specialty boxes are designed with function in mind. Made with draw construction, this box is meant to hold products perfectly in place.

This is only one type of specialty box that we make. There are countless ways to customize your product and make it right for your brand. Boxes can have die cuts, embossing, gloss, matte or soft touch lamination, have velvet flocking and can be made with specialty paper or PET material. There’s also a variety of styles of boxes that can be made, including, but not limited to: jewelry, cufflinks, simplex, pop-up, apparel, mailer, set up, gift card holders, nested and collapsible. The can also be made into any shape or size, so they will always be in line with your packaging needs.

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