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New Year’s Packaging Resolutions

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Happy New Year from your Friends at Prime Line! 2014 is quickly coming to a close and it’s time to start thinking of the New Year. How will 2015 be different for you? What sort of changes will you make in your life? It’s time to start making your New Year’s packaging resolutions for yourself and for what you want out of your packaging.

If you want a change for your brand, now is the perfect time to switch up the look of your packaging. Whether you want to make subtle changes or get a complete makeover, there’s so much that can be done to spice up your bags. Some ways things can be mixed up is by adding new elements to your packaging collection. Update your packaging collection by including things like: pouches, boxes, mailers, hangers, garment bags, cosmetic packaging or bags in different sizes or materials than what is normally used. This will create a more diverse look throughout your products, and will give more versatility throughout your collection.

Additional treatments such as embossing, metallic inks, hot stamping, screen printing, embroidery, grommets, ribbons, interior printing, velvet flocking, and use of specialty handles and papers can make a huge difference in the presentation of your products. Even slight changes can make your packaging look more expensive and bring it to a new level of elegance. Modernizing designs can keep your look from being stale, and can mark the start of a new era for your brand.

Around each New Year, we create packaging resolutions to make ourselves better, and there’s no reason improvement should stop there. Updating your packaging will give you a fresh start and will help to begin the New Year on a positive note. Don’t look dated or have branding and packaging elements that doesn’t properly represent your brand and its promises. We are excited for the new year and the 2015 packaging trends that come along with it. Contact Prime Line today and make your New Year a better one!

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