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Custom Printed Garment Bags

custom printed garment bags

garment bags

Custom printed garment bags are a great way to keep your work or formal attire looking its best. They are the perfect addition to pre-existing store packaging and can be as simple or elegant as the store from which it came. Custom printed garment bags can be made from materials like cotton, vinyl, peva, eva and ppnw. The size and design details can be customized to include decorative piping, loops, windows and a myriad of closures. You can also make your bag unique with custom handles.

Custom garment bags made to hold suits, gowns or multiple garments can be designed to reflect the apparel inside. Standard or tapered gussets can be added for additional capacity. And of course, the bag material colors and printing are customizable, allowing you to put the finishing touch onto your bag, creating a design piece special enough to hold the most valued garments.

Choosing a quality garment bag for your customers to use time and time again is key. These bags can be used as a promotional piece when traveling with your garments and reflects the identity of the retailer. The durable materials guarantee your garments to be safe and dry from any damaging elements in the home or on the go.

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