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Make Your Packaging Hot With Hot Stamping

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Hot stamping on boxes and bags is a great way to add a shiny metallic or other specialty color to packaging. Hot stamping is a method in which foils are transferred to a surface with high temperatures. The press being used is heated and the product to be stamped is place underneath. A roll with colored foil is placed between the two. The foil is then pressed down to the product resulting in a finished metallic design.

The hot stamping process is a popular treatment used on paper and reusable bags as well as boxes and garment bags. This procedure can be combined with other printing techniques to create exclusive and stylish packaging. Hot stamping can also be combined with embossing or debossing for a multi-dimensional look.

A variety of shades can also be used to hot stamp onto your products. Gold, rose gold, copper and silver are a few examples of metallic swatches that can be applied to customized packaging. Matte and gloss finishes and custom colors are available. These different shades can change up the look of the packaging to create an elegant piece that is tailored to your store.

Gold foil gives off a warm tone whereas silver creates a sleek and sophisticated look to your packaging. Rose gold, on the other hand pairs well with natural tones and materials such as kraft paper and cotton.

Looking for a way to add something new to your shopping bags and gift boxes? Contact us at Prime Line today to see how you can add hot stamping onto your retail packaging. Contact our team if you’re interested in making your packaging look hot with hot stampling!