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DIY Ideas For Your Cotton Bags

cotton bags

cotton bags

Beach trips, festivals and concerts are on the horizon for spring and summer 2016. What a better way to kick off the season than to repurpose your eco-friendly cotton bags. Using recyclable carriers from brands like Free People is the perfect starting point for a do-it-yourself project. Especially since these bags are made with soft flowy materials such as cotton and muslin.

These fabrics are so flexible that they can be reconditioned into pouches, totes, and even drawstring bags. One can also decorate their newly repurposed bag with dyes, grommets, zippers and ribbon. Since these projects are so quick and easy to do, you will never run out of ideas or uses for your repurposed bags!

Whether you’re at the beach, a concert or festival, one thing that always comes in handy is a durable, yet stylish bag to hold all of your daily necessities. These exhilarating summer daytrips can also serve as inspiration for your next repurposed bag project.

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