Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

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sustainable green printing partnership

Prime Line Packaging is proud to announce that we are new members of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership is a non-profit organization that advocates best practices and innovation among print community participants. SGP encourages the printing and packaging industry to reduce their environmental impact and increase social awareness of their best practices to provide buyers an accountable, sustainable supply chain.

Nowadays, companies in the packaging and print industries are conscious of the materials they use and what is released into the environment. Many companies who use packaging are gearing towards reusable materials for their retail needs. This program also inspires companies in the printing, packaging and graphic communities to reduce any negative impacts on the ecosystem by conducting environmental, safety and energy assessments.

For more information, visit The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership or contact us today to learn how we are assisting in keeping the environment clean; and for all of your green packaging needs.

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