Remember My Name: Breaking Bad Tote Bags

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Are you a looking to spice up the designs of your current in-store packaging? Maybe you should consider putting out a specialty promotional bag!

Promotional bags are a great way to switch up your packaging without the commitment of changing your brand's look. You can use these items in addition to your daily packaging, separately, or as a gift with purchase.

Promo shoppers usually run in smaller quantities for a limited period of time, and therefore, you can be more innovative with them. As a smaller order, you can embellish these totes more elaborately and not worry about adding expenses to an already large order. You can transition a plain bag into a collectible item through a variety of customizable treatments, such as adding: grommets, hot stamping, screen printing, ribbons, embossing, interior printing and varnishes.

If you do a tie-in with another product or brand, you can do something completely new and different. To advertise AMC's popular show Breaking Bad, Urban Outfitters released a tote with the main character Walter White's face as a skull and crossbones. These were in stores right before the final episodes of the show aired, in order to further hype of the series finale. For an avid fan, it would be exciting to make a purchase at Urban Outfitters, just so one could have this rare piece of Breaking Bad memorabilia. What differentiates these reusable shopping bags from other promotional items is that people will use them repeatedly, as opposed to something that would just sit on a shelf and become forgotten over time.

Just like fans of Breaking Bad won't forget the infamous Walter White, you won't have to ask customers to "remember my name" after they get receive your promotional bags. They will continue to advertise your brand long after the initial purchase has been made and for years to come!

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