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Cotton: The Fabric of our Lives



Cotton is an extremely versatile material, and therefore, can be customized and treated in an infinite number of ways to suit your packaging needs. For example, it can be: bleached, custom dyed to any pantone color, silk screened, hot stamped, embroidered, sublimated, and post-washed for a worn look. It can also be embellished with any mix of ribbons, rhinestones, studs, grommets, zippers, cotton twill tape and trims.

Since cotton can be lightweight or heavy, it can be made into any size or shaped: bags, pouches, garment bags, or totes. Additionally, there are eco-friendly advantages of this material. Many disposable bags have been under scrutiny lately for causing too much waste, and therefore, stricter laws are being enacted to prevent their use. Unlike plastics, cotton is a renewable source. As a result, the bags made from it are reusable, and will be excluded from packaging bans.

Cotton is one of the most commonly used materials in packaging, and it’s obvious why! It’s affordable to produce, grown throughout the world, and can be spun into a soft, breathable material. Its strength and softness makes it easy to work with, and its color makes it a blank canvas for all your designs. When you want a fabric that’s easy to use and can accommodate your packaging needs, cotton is an excellent choice!

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