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Holiday Season Inspired Packaging

holiday season

holiday season

Autumn’s here and the holiday season is near. The weather is getting crisper, the leaves are changing color, and summer has come to an end.

As much as we will miss the warmer seasons, fall gives us many opportunities to reinvent our packaging to reflect the season. There are many ways you can make your autumnal seasonal packaging distinct from your brand’s everyday bags and boxes. For example, jewel or earth tones can add an autumnal feel to your packaging.

If you want the fall look without the kitsch of the holidays, there are many ways to incorporate autumn into your packaging. For example, use of metallics can add a lot of warmth to packaging. This can be done with ink, as well as through embellishments, such as custom grommets, zippers, buttons, and snaps. Another way to encapsulate the season in your packaging is by using materials that have a more natural look to them, such as kraft paper (You’ll flip over flipside kraft packaging!), jute or muslin and using accents of twine and rope.

For the winter holidays, there are many ways you can make your packaging more festive.To add a touch of glitz to any design, make your bags and boxes out of a shiny material. If you want to make your designs more specific to the season and not an individual holiday, the packaging can be decorated with nondenominational winter symbols or use cool colors to reflect the colder weather. Or if you prefer to make your products pertain to one of the holidays, this can easily be done in an elegant way by adding details like ribbon to your packaging to make everything look like a present as well as using more traditional holiday colors. A nice shopping bag can easily double as gift and holiday packaging if done in a festive way.

As the year winds down, there are many events we can look forward to, and your packaging can also be made over to reflect the holiday seasons. Even adding some specialty effects or sturdier material can give your products a refreshing new feel to them and will make your packaging more personal. If you don’t want to change your current designs too much, there are always customization options like embossing, hot stamping, common handles, and interior printing that can be done to your packaging to give it a more upscale look.

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