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Tyvek: Truly Unique Packaging Options

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You have probably seen Tyvek® printed in large blue letters on new construction houses. But these versatile type of unique packaging options and water-resistant products can be used for so much more. DuPont™ combines the best physical properties of film, fabric and paper into their exclusive Tyvek material. This allows the packaging to be both light and durable.

A proprietary manufacturing system melds 100% high density polyethylene fibers into a modern, light weight material which is nearly indestructible. It is a different look than traditional paper or plastic, yet thinner and lighter than heavy vinyl or thick plastic. A variety of custom packaging solutions can be crafted of versatile Tyvek, including: reusable shopping bags, mailing envelopes, shipping materials, pouches and garment bags.

Tyvek is so lightweight, it is cheap to transport and store. Since its weight is less bulky than its usual shipping counterparts, it requires less cargo space and fuel during transportation—extending its green nature further. Its weather resistant exterior allows it to be stored in uncontrolled conditions indefinitely. Its efficient design can be folded neatly without warping, crinkling or melding. And your customers will also be thrilled to find Tyvek is eco-friendly to use as potential unique packaging options.

Tyvek® is a unique, industrial looking material which is trendy, appealing to edgy, higher end retailers. Its super-strong material has an exceptional smooth surface, which allows for custom printing and detailed graphics. Specific ink colors and elaborate designs can be added to any Tyvek® product. At Prime Line Printing, we can provide product samples and a no-obligation quote for your packaging needs, including Tyvek® printing and unique packaging options. Call us today to get started.

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