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Trending: Millennial Pink in 2018 Color Palettes



Even though Millennial Pink has been around for quite some time, it is definitely here to stay. Ever since this light shade of blush made it’s debut on makeup palette packaging, retail branding, accessories and home décor, it had evolved into a range of shades from a muted beige with just a touch of pink to a bright and summery peach-pink hybrid. These hues can easily be included into your 2018 color palettes.

Every season, colors come in and out of fashion. Considering millennial pink is such a versatile hue, it can be mixed and match with popular 2018 color palettes such as hunter green, burgundy and navy. For a seasonal contrasting look, these colors can be printed on a wide selection of packaging materials such as kraft, specialty paper, corrugated cardboard, cotton canvas tote bags, jute and muslin.

Adding special treatments such as metallic hot stamping, spot uv and custom embroidery will take your packaging to the next level. There are so many more ways to incorporate this trendy hue into your seasonal packaging. Use these popular color palettes to update your packaging. With updated packaging, your brand will be sure to catch your customer’s eye and will give them something exciting to unwrap, creating the perfect unboxing experience. For more information, see why millennial pink refuses to go away.