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Packaging for your Pop-Up Shops

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Pop up shops are taking the retail world by storm and are quite popular in urban areas and especially big cities. These little shops typically last 1-3 months and are located in high traffic areas. Pop up shops can be present during events, product launches, holidays, or to introduce a new product.

Opening pop up shops are a trendy way to create excitement with customers, especially millennials. Younger customers are driving the trend as they are seeking fresh, new ways to shop. This new way of shopping is appealing to the modern customer.

Considering pop up shops are usually open for a few weeks to a few months, it’s important to drive traffic to the store immediately.  A great way to do so is to design a reusable shopping bag that we want to reuse. This will catch the customer’s eye as an advertisement out of the store.  If a shopping bag is reusable, it will act as an advertising piece long after the customer’s transaction and when the store closes. Clients are always looking for the next great reusable shopping bag; often visiting the store to receive the packaging.

When designing a shopping bag for pop up shops, it’s important to consider how the bag could be reused. It’s great to customize the bag’s design to the location of the pop up shop using custom printing, treatments and embellishments. To create a bag that is up to date with the most current trends, you can even choose colors from Pantone’s 2018 color trend forecast. Custom packaging for your brand will be sure to enhance your pop up store.