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Designer Tools: Create Your Own Custom Packaging

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To create a unique shopping experience for their customers, retailers use resourceful designer tools to add artistic and detailed touches to their store atmosphere. With this, they also have the opportunity to push the creativity envelope with their custom product packaging. By branding their packaging collection to match their stores, retailers can carry their brand’s name from the store directly into the customer’s home. A brand’s custom packaging can serve as a unique conversation starter, mobile advertisement or an eye-catching gift that will be exciting to open.

Many components come into play when creating the perfect packaging collection such as recyclable and reusable materials, flashy treatments, custom printing, embellishments as well as handles, closures, and accessories. Many of these options can be found on our newly created Designer Tools page.

Using downloadable templates, exploring handle options, and selecting unique materials will be the start of your unique branded packaging. Your products can also be customized with custom die cuts, grommets, ribbons, zippers and studs or branded hang tags.

It’s important to keep your packaging updated to keep customers familiar with your brand. Contact us at Prime Line today to create cutting edge packaging that will be sure to catch your customer’s attention.