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Trend Forecast: 2015 Packaging Trends

2015 packaging trends

2015 packaging trends

2015 packaging trends

2015 Packaging Trends

This year is rapidly coming to a close, but with every ending, comes a new beginning. Even though the year is halfway through, you can look forward to 2015 packaging trends by planning your new packaging based off of the anticipated fashion trends for the upcoming seasons.

There are many runway trends that will be trickle down into packaging. Some things we may see in 2015 designs are mixing natural pieces with other fabrics and materials, as well as Bohemian, Futuristic and Punk influences.

Trend forecasters at Packaging-Gateway feel that people no longer want trendy packaging; they instead want something more authentic. To return to a more luxurious look in packaging, consumers will prefer raw and natural materials instead of bright or synthetic looking products. By focusing on the details of the packaging, it can look elegant and understated, therefore, making it something that people will want to keep over time. Not only can this trend be utilized by luxury brands, but commercial products could pair elements like embossed wood textures, copper, hemp, cotton, and a variety of other natural materials with things like matte papers for a beautiful and simplistic package.

Playing off the natural look, it is also suggested that Bohemian styles will also be trending. This trend will have folksy looking items that are beaded, fringed, feathered, and embroidered, with a rustic charm. Unlike the natural elegant style, this look will have bold, colorful prints such as paisleys or chevron pair with light fabrics such as cotton canvas and muslin. While not as sophisticated, Bohemian-inspired packaging will have a fun, whimsical feeling that can give any product a more artistic look.

On the other end of the spectrum, The Lebermuth Company, thinks that stylistically, packaging for fall 2014/ winter 2015 packaging trends will move in more of a punk or futuristic direction. With the punk trend, expect to see vibrant pops of neon, as well as mixing of matte and gloss materials, and embellishments like spikes, studs, pins, leather and fishnet. The overall look will play off the contrast of materials and colors for an edgy style. With the futuristic trend, expect to see geometric or linear patterns with black and white as the dominate colors in this scheme. Additionally, many items will have silver accents as a way of making the packaging feel more technologically based. The aesthetic is polished, but instead of referring to nature, it uses technology as its main inspiration.

If you found a trend that speaks to you, go with it for the 2015 season! It’s always fun to rebrand your products or to try something new for specialty or holiday packaging. There are so many ways you can execute your look, and Prime Line Packaging offers many types of products that can correlate with any trend! Whether you’re looking to make boxes, paper, plastic, or reusable bags, pouches, e-commerce supplies, accessories, or garment bags, there’s a way to make any style work!

Contact us and let us know your ideas and we’ll help create some beautiful packaging that will outlast any trend.

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