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E-Commerce Packaging Options

Packaging options

In addition to traditional packaging elements, like bags and boxes, there’s a whole world of e-commerce packaging options that you can explore to keep your brand’s look consistent. There are many items, like custom printed cartons, poly mailers, custom packaging tape, pouches and garment bags that can be customized to suite your brand’s identity.

If you send a lot of packages to customers, it’s wise to have custom mailing envelopes and boxes that reflect your brand. Unbranded mailers do not have as impactful of a look, and do not reflect your company at all. Not only are mailers a practical product to customize, but they are versatile as well. Envelopes can be custom printed and made in coextruded plastic. Custom mailers and boxes can be embellished with effects like: interior printing, embossing, hot stamping, and spot uv, making your packaging just as incising as the products it holds.

The littlest details can really grab customers’ attention so make sure to put your brand’s mark on items you might have overlooked, such as: ribbons, pouches, garment bags, tape, and box bands. These and other e-commerce packaging options can be custom printed, making your packaging a unified collection. Never again will people confuse where something came from, because your brand will be reinforced in their minds.

E-commerce packaging options are a great of advertising your company in a new and untraditional way. It’s much more unexpected to see these packaging elements branded in addition to your bags and boxes, and therefore, it makes more of an impression on people when they see them. If you are interested in what other products can be customized, or want to know about how else you can make your e-commerce supplies stand out, contact us at Prime Line Packaging today!

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