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Store Environment + Packaging

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There are thousands of stores that cater to various types of personal styles. These styles reflect heavily on the store environment. Whether it’s simple and athletic or 70’s and bohemian, there is something available for everyone. Like today’s trends seen in stores, flooring, fixtures and packaging can reflect a brand’s identity. Certain retailers who draw in a fashion-forward and chic crowds may feature bold and sleek metallic fixtures in their store environment. To highlight their fashionable identity, this is also carried over into packaging. Designer stores could be sporting packaging with matte or gloss laminated bags complete with hot stamping, grommets and ribbon closures to catch the eye of the customer and draw them into the store.

Similar to current trendy retailers, stores with different target audiences tailor their packaging to their brand’s identity. Retailers with a bohemian vibe tend to use reusable materials such as cotton, jute or muslin as in store shoppers and shopping bags. Carriers made from these types of materials can be custom dyed, sewn and custom printed. Customers love reusable shopping bags and tend to reuse them for a long time.

There are many elements that go into creating a personal brand and packaging is one of the most important. It is essentially a portable advertisement. Contact us at Prime Line today to create your very own trendy shopper.