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Spot UV Treatments are Spot On

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In the clothing and accesories industries, it may be fashionable to use bright or reflective materials, but bag regulations may prevent packaging customers from following current trends. Often, in order to be green, retailers use duller papers that are more eco-friendly. Despite this, there are many ways one can make their bags look glossier without using being harmful to our environment.

Spot UV adds a clear gloss and smooth texture to design elements on your paper shopping bags , and enriches the color in doing so. It can be added sparingly to highlight an area and can also be applied more librally in order to create a patterned texture. The varnish really shows off how elegant the matte paper looks with a little embellishment.

The use of spot uv is what makes a design go from being nice to looking upscale; and it adds that special touch without being expensive! There are many ways that can add value to your product without breaking the bank, and varnish is only one of numerous effects you should consider integrating into your work. If you are unsure of what treatments would work best for your brand our your budget, consult us at Prime Line Packaging, and we’ll help point you out in the right direction.

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