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Gift Card Packaging: A Gift For You

Many high-end businesses want their luxury translated into all aspects of their brand, including something gift card packaging, which is often overlooked. The simplest way of packaging it is by adhering the card to paper. While that’s an obvious solution, there are many ways you can dress up gift cards to make them look more up-scale.

These products may come with a gift card or other accessories, but they don’t need to be used only once. The advantage of having a beautifully designed package is that people will want to keep them and make other uses for them. The more unique the package, the more of a collectible it becomes to the customer.

Gift card packaging can be created in very eclectic ways, such as: boxes with removable inserts, mini bags, pouches, or hard cover holders. Any embellishments that can be added to larger packages can be added to these, such as: ribbon, hot stamp, spot uv, embossing, and embroidery. Combining these treatments and materials will truly make your gifts stand out.

These different types of packaging mentioned require various enclosures, but that doesn’t mean your creativity has to be limited! You can close a box or a hard cover holder with hidden magnets, velcro, and stickers. On the other hand, you might want a pouch or shopping bag to be closed with rope, satin, drawstring or ribbons and hang tags. Every decision from the type of package, special effects used, to the type of handle can make a statement about your brand, while adding a custom look to your gift card holders and making them more valuable to the customer.

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