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All About Makeup Packaging


Makeup tubes and compacts set the tone for it’s contents. This year cosmetic packaging has reached new heights with shoe and clothing designers lauching cosmetic brands with innovative packaging. Extra details spent on the packaging command a higher retail price.

Reusable shopping bags as well as cosmetic bags should be given the same consideration as make up packaging. Makeup bags come in all different shapes and sizes, from the small pouches to oversize train cases. These bags are made from an array of materials such as ppnw, vinyl, pp woven, canvas and other reusable materials.

If done cleverly, cosmetic bags will be reused and adored. Details like custom zipper pulls, embroidery and studs can make your packaging reflect your brand. You can also make your packaging look hot with hot stamping. The materials and treatments you choose can also reflect your company’s vision. Natural brands may prefer cottons and kraft papers, while glitzier brands may prefer laminated bags or foil materials.

Whatever your branding, we would love to help you create bags as special as the products they hold.

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