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Hand-Made Papers Customize Packaging

Are you looking for beautiful materials to make your packaging truly one of a kind? Consider hand-made papers from India!

Our hand-made papers are environmentally friendly, quality conscious, and add a touch of antiquity to the look of any project. They are hand-crafted by village artisans, and have been a traditional craft in India since the 14th century! Originally, they were predominantly used by royalty in order to write religious books, official documents, and to make calligraphy paintings. Today, the paper is more readily available and can be used in all aspects of packaging!

What separates handmade paper from others is the amount of detail given to each sheet. Natural materials like flower petals, cotton rags, and plants are often put into the mixture while the paper is being made, resulting in unique patterns and textures. For a more modern appearance, the papers have the ability to be embellished in a number of ways, such as dyeing, embroidering, screen printing, and embossing. They can also be used as a resale item or customized further to include elements of your brand’s identity, such as your logo and tag line.

If you want a more decorated look for your paper shopping bags, but don’t feel like adding any special embellishments, hand-made specialty papers are the way to go!

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