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Custom Cuff Link Boxes and Jewelry Boxes

cuff link boxes

cuff link boxes

Cuff link boxes and jewelry boxes are a stylish way to keep your valuables beautifully packaged and protected. The pieces shown above not only look elegant, but they are made from a soft touch paper, which helps resist scratching the surface; preserving their looks longer. In addition to being fashionable, this type of packaging can actually protect the contents within. Although they are encased, the jewelry can get damaged if they are loose. Cuff links can be secured with elastic bands so they will not get lost, scratched, or broken.

Cuff link boxes can be customized in a multitude of ways. The easiest way to make a dramatic statement is by changing the custom box shape. By customizing the package’s shape, you can redefine what it says about your brand. Giving the shell an unconventional shape makes it bolder and stand out more. They can be made into any size or shape, including: squares, rectangular, cylindrical, and hexagonal along with any other form imaginable!

Like bags, a number of treatments can be done to your cuff link jewelry boxes in order to give them a polished, finished look. You can add hot stamping, embossing, screen printing, and spot uv, as well as making them out of matte, laminated, or textured paper for a different appearance! In order to create an upscale display for your cuff links or other treasures, your design should be emphasized through the details of the package; such as its shape, materials used, and how it uses specialty treatments.

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