Custom Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Bags & Gift Bags

Custom printed kraft shopping bags are eco-friendly while creating a fashionable appearance. This is especially so when paired with different design options, specialized full-color printing, and unique paper handles. From paper twists to twill handles to custom printing, kraft bags will be sure to stand out in any retail environment. These bags can be created in a variety of different options, sizes, and styles. Choose from natural kraft papers, full-color printing, or matching custom ink colors.

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, brands are switching to eco-friendly packaging. At Prime Line, we help all our customers reduce their carbon footprint with recyclable and reusable retail packaging. Designing your kraft bags to be environmentally friendly helps lower excess waste and reduces your environmental impact. We are here to help! Besides being eco-friendly, here are some reasons to use kraft shopping bags.

Kraft paper shopping bags are a better option than single-use plastic bags. In recent years, kraft shopping bags have tremendously gained popularity. Below are a few reasons why kraft bags are one of the best custom bag options.

Why Choose Custom Kraft Paper Bags For Your Business?

Custom kraft papers are generally stronger than other traditional papers. Brown or white kraft has a low manufacturing cost and high paper strength. Creating a kraft paper bag requires less processing than the traditional shopping bag.

Choose natural kraft papers for your packaging: creating your shopping bags with brown or white kraft papers have several benefits. Most importantly, they are eco-friendly and are made from lightweight papers, which can help save on the cost of shipping. However, just because kraft paper shopping bags are lightweight doesn’t mean they lack durability. Our kraft bags are made strong. The versatility of the paper makes the bags reusable.

Choose kraft papers for your business: kraft paper shopping bags not only benefit the environment, but they also promote your business. Use custom natural kraft paper bags as mobile advertisements for in and out of the store. Your customers will appreciate your environmental awareness using eco-friendly natural kraft papers.

Choose kraft papers as gift wrap. Our custom kraft bags are attractive and durable enough to hold gifts of all sizes. Gift wrapping is made easy with the versatility of kraft papers.

Expert Personalization & Service

When it comes to customizing your kraft paper shopper, the question often is, why should you invest in custom services? It’s easy; the answer is because you get premium quality natural kraft custom paper bags that are exclusive to your brand.

Our kraft bags are affordable and available for large bulk orders. They are perfect for retail and effectively serve your branding purposes. Below are some popular treatments and natural materials to choose from.

We offer a bold array of custom details such as paper handles, decorative handles, twill handles, ribbon handles, biodegradable (eco-friendly) varnishes, spot UV, foil stamp or hot stamp, and a variety of natural papers to perfectly pair with your chosen treatments. Additionally, we can print your graphics in full color along with matching any Pantone color.

We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly materials to choose from: natural kraft papers, (post-consumer waste, and FSC® Certified), wood-free, recycled paper, white or brown kraft paper, beater dyed, and more! Any of these natural kraft materials will create the perfect shopping bag whether you run a small business, are a large retail chain, or own a restaurant.

In addition to creating your own retail bag by choosing from our wide selection of materials, sizes, and styles, we help you choose how you want to showcase your brand’s name and identity. If there are any special requirements that you need on your natural kraft shopping bags, be sure to let us know. We can help you create perfect shoppers or gift bags.

Finally, to complete your look, add paper handles or ribbon closures to further enhance your design. Some handle material options include cotton, twill, loop handles, die-cut handles, rope handles, or twisted paper handles.

We craft stylish, functional, and convenient natural kraft shopping bag solutions that take your brand promotion to the next level.

Benefits Of Using Environmentally Friendly Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper bags could give a brand an organic feel. But with stylish craftsmanship and custom printing, an ordinary kraft item can be made into the perfect packaging accessory for your brand. There are so many benefits to having environmentally friendly kraft paper bags in your packaging collection.

  • Sustainability: environmental sustainability is something that many customers and brands value. According to current trends, most retailers care about environmental sustainability and how their packaging is made. Customers, on the other hand, choose brands that share the same values. With sustainable packaging comes less waste. As a result, less energy is needed to create sustainable packaging.
  • Better than single-use plastics: skip the single-use by creating custom natural kraft packaging. Using kraft shopping bags reduces our dependence on single-use plastics as most consumers and retailers are making it their global green initiative to reduce, if not eliminate, disposable plastics. Single-use plastics may seem like a shopping convenience. However, it adds strain to the environment.
  • Regulated kraft papers: Using FSC® Certified kraft papers not only reduces your need for single-use plastics. Using FSC® Certified papers means a company stays environmentally compliant, and the papers used are from regulated and certified forests. Prime Line is proud to be FSC® Certified.

Kraft Paper Bag Styles

When it comes to your company, natural kraft retail bags speak volumes about how your branding is portrayed. Creating the perfect kraft shopping bag gives you the opportunity to put your brand on display in and out of the store. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches to your bags by using tissue paper or stickers. Here are a few of our favorite styles to create for our customers:

  • Kraft Euro totes: Eco-friendly euro tote bags are often used by higher-end retailers as luxury merchandise bags. Euro totes are easy to customize with designs and branded logos. With custom handles and eco-friendly embellishments, they make great alternatives to the traditional retail shopping bag or single-use plastic bag. Due to their durability, reuse your kraft euro tote as paper gift bags or as gift wrap.
  • Food service take away bags: Food service bags are specifically crafted to protect your takeout or lunch containers in the food service industry. Often created from durable kraft papers or papers made with post-consumer waste, these take away bags comfortably hold and preserve the freshness of any meal. Our durable and versatile kraft food service bags can double as grocery bags or lunch bags.
  • Post-consumer waste bags: With a rising concern for the environment, consumers and retailers alike want to be proactive in reducing their carbon footprint. High-quality eco-friendly kraft bags made with a percentage of post-consumer waste can help us all go green. Our bags can be reused for other needs using these natural kraft papers. Brown or white kraft papers give your shopping and gift bags an organic yet modern feel.

Kraft Paper Bag Size Options

When creating custom kraft euro tote bags, size is one of the most important aspects to consider. We can create euro totes small enough to hold a pouch or gift card or large enough to hold t-shirts, boot boxes, or larger accessories. Regardless of the size you are looking for, all our paper bags can be custom-sized to fit your needs. However, the most popular euro tote sizes ordered are:

  • Cub: Cub-sized bags measure 8” w x 10” h x 4” d. This size is perfect for jewelry boxes, apparel items, or small housewares.
  • Debbie: Debbie-sized bags measure 10” w x 13” h x 5” d. This size is slightly larger and perfect for bulkier apparel items, gifts, or small to medium housewares.
  • Vogue: Vogue size bags measure 16” w x 12” h x 6” d. This size is one of the most popular extra-large sizes and is perfect for large apparel items, shoe boxes, or large houseware items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most kraft paper bags are recyclable; if they do not have any lamination and the handles are cut off. Unless the handles are made from paper, then they do not need to be removed.

When creating their eco-friendly shopping bags, companies will opt for kraft papers with a percentage of post-consumer waste, which is an important component in creating eco-friendly packaging. Creating eco-friendly kraft shopping bags and other packaging with a certain percentage of post-consumer waste can be mandatory if you live in a region with bag restrictions. Most rules will vary from region to region. Our kraft bags and coordinating packaging is made with at least 40% post-consumer waste when requested.

Prime Line is proud to be FSC® Certified. FSC® stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®. They are an organization that sets the standards for responsible forest management. Being FSC® Certified demonstrates a company complies with the strict social and environmental standards of the council.

Having FSC® Certified papers means that we ensure our packaging and products are being created from responsible sources. Having an FSC® certification creates new opportunities from forest owners and managers to manufacturers. Having an FSC® label on your kraft shopping bags lets your customers know your packaging was created from responsible sources.

No, our kraft bags are not waterproof. Our standard brown paper bags are made of kraft paper which is a material typically made from wood pulp. Brown kraft paper is not bleached, which makes it biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

Therefore, our brown kraft shopping bags are eco-friendly and still make a fashionable, customized statement. This is especially so when paired with our design options, specialized printing, and unique handles.

Prime Line is committed to the environment and responsible forest management. As an FSC® provider, we provide ecologically sound kraft paper products. Along with our design services, we can transform a plain brown bag into a packaging piece that is a work of art.

Don’t miss another deadline. At Prime Line, we specialize in getting you what you need when you need it – regardless of your project’s turnaround time. We specialize in program management, warehousing, distribution & shipping, and, finally, product fulfillment.

However, in the event that your turn around time is too close to your deadline, we do offer a custom packaging – rush program. Our rush program is perfect for those who need their packaging as soon as possible, where lead times are three (3) weeks. We offer unique options and styles in our rush program to help you with choosing your kraft bag style. We will then finalize the designs with you to get your order started, and rush delivered. Please keep in mind that there are minimum order requirements in our rush order program.

Our in-house design team is here to turn your vision into reality. We are here to guide you with conceptualization, construction, and material selection. Here are some ways we help our customers design their own custom-printed kraft shopper:

  • Identify packaging goals: We will help you define your packaging goals. Whether you are a small startup brand or a large corporation, our skilled sales team and in-house designers will help you from everything to order quantity, logo placement, and bag construction.
  • Create design concepts: check out our Designer Tools page. On this page, you can find options for templates, common handles for bags, and our paper selections. With these tools along with our expertise, we will help you create a unique natural kraft bag to further your customer’s shopping experience. Many retailers use our resourceful designer tools to add artistic and detailed touches to their packaging.
  • Finalize material selection: Once you have your material selected, we will then take your bag to the next level of design. We have many treatments available to elevate the look of your eco-friendly kraft paper shopping bag. Choose from white paper, natural kraft, or specialty recyclable papers.
  • Sampling and prototyping: Once your order has been placed and the artwork has been approved, we will send the bag to print. You will receive your requested pre-production samples for approval or for any design changes. Once approved, your custom shopper will then go into production.

Once you have worked with us and have placed your brown kraft shopping bag order, if requested, we will send our customers pre-production samples for approval. Upon approval of the pre-production samples, the order will then go into full production. After production has been completed, we will also send you a series of samples. Finally, you will then receive your new products. Ready to add natural kraft euro-totes to your retail and gift packaging collections? Contact us today to request a quote for packaging that will impress your customers and provide them with reusable and efficient solutions for retail, restaurants, and more.

Ready to add custom printed kraft euro totes to your packaging collection? Use the form below to request a quote or browse our collection for inspiration. Your elevated shopping bags will be sure to impress your customers and provide them with sustainable and efficient shopping solutions.

Let your customers promote your brand by including these customizable bags in your brand promotion strategy.