Make Accessories Part of Your Packaging

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Custom Cotton Hanger Sleeves


While your bags, pouches, and boxes are your most prominent form of packaging, there are many other items you can add to further express your identity. Accessories are an important, and often, overlooked type of packaging supplies.

Brands that are most iconic are the ones that can be instantly recognized. When a company successfully advertises themselves, they use a variety of methods to make themselves more visible to their customers. One subtle approach is to brand anything in connection with their company. Items such as custom hangers, hanger sleeves, banners, product packaging, ribbons and hang tags as well as stickers can help to reinforce your brand in consumer’s minds. Without a commercial or advertisement, people will subconsciously think of that brand every time they use these products.

Accessories are products that will be used repeatedly. Your brand will be more visible to your customers if you use your logos and colors on all aspects of your packaging; especially since items like hangers will be used on a daily basis. When you make accessories in addition to your traditional packaging supplies, your customers will also feel a more intimate connection with your brand because they would have seen it throughout their household.

While it’s important to cover your bases with the necessary packaging elements like bags, custom boxes or pouches, creating branded accessories gives your customers something special with their purchase. It’s these extra items that will be used repeatedly and will help to build a relationship with the consumer. Contact Prime Line about accessories and find out what would suit your brand.

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