Custom Muslin Bags For Small Business

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muslin bags

muslin bags

Nothing epitomizes a summer day better than throwing a towel, some sunscreen, and a good book into your muslin bags and going out and seeing where the day takes you. On these happy-go-lucky days, you don’t want to carry anything heavy; just a lightweight, but sturdy, bag to keep with you while you adventure. One type of tote you can use are muslin bags. These reusable shopping bags are made from lightweight cotton, and therefore, are durable, and will not cause any harm to the environment.

Muslin is a natural and reusable material. Using a bag multiple times helps prevent waste, and bags made from renewable materials can decompose easier than synthetic fabrics. Muslin is eco-friendly, and can be fashioned into many types of packaging. See what makes packaging eco-friendly.

This material can be designed in a number of ways. Muslin is versatile because it is light weight but strong. It can be made into flowy bohemian hobo bags, structured pouches, and everything in between! Muslin also has the ability to be dyed, sewn, embroidered, screen printed, bleached, hot stamped, and embellished with things such as grommets, zippers and ribbons. You can even incorporate bohemian flair into your bags. No matter what you envision for your brand, muslin is a great option for your packaging.

For a greener package that looks as carefree as your summer should be, muslin is a great material to work with. Please contact us at Prime Line if you want to want to inquire about using muslin for your next packaging project!