Chinese New Year 2015

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chinese new year 2015

Chinese New Year, also known as The Spring Festival, is the longest holiday on the Chinese calendar. It lasts for about three weeks, and during that time, all business is shut down and people get the time off to be with their families. Every year, the start of this holiday changes, because the celebration is based on the lunar calendar. In the upcoming 2015, this event will start on Thursday, February 19th and last until early March.

The Spring Festival approaching soon, and during that time, many of our factories will be closing for the holidays. If any of your projects need to be completed during this time, make sure that they are ordered early enough so they will be shipped before the Chinese New Year. Typically, orders take 6-8 weeks to complete, but with this holiday, be sure to request your products 10-12 weeks in advance. Therefore, if you want products for the spring, it is important to plan accordingly.

Don’t procrastinate on your spring 2015 orders, or you might have problems getting everything made in a timely fashion. Feel free to contact Prime Line Packaging at any time if you are unsure that your order will deliver before the Chinese New Year.