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Eco-Friendly Reversible Mailers

reversible mailers

When you treat yourself to something new online, it is usually received in a polymailer printed with a store name and custom design. Since the bags can be reused, why not donate your old garments to local and well-known charities using reversible mailers!

Once your purchases are received, you can turn your mailers inside out to reveal another printed design. Place your gently worn garments inside the  reversible mailers and send them off to your charity of choice. By reusing the polymailer and donating older articles of clothing, you will be doing something good for others in need as well as helping the environment.

There are also some options in creating an eco-friendly mailer. The use of soy-based ink is less harsh on the environment than ink created from an array of chemicals. We also offer degradable plastics that will help the bag degrade faster. With these treatments, your bag will be strong enough for multi-use and will reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

This concept is a perfect e-commerce piece for all retailers to encourage customers to give back and to be environmentally conscious. Contact us at Prime Line today to create your own specialized mailer.