Reusable Bags at Bed Bath and Beyond

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Our featured packaging of the week are these reusable bags at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are black bags with white ink and each have a repeated pattern that reflects different aspects of the brand. Silhouetted items for the home can be seen on the wider, larger bag, showing: dishes, mixers, utensils, vacuums, hangers, irons, tea kettles, pots as well as little shopping bags with the Bed Bath and Beyond logo on them. The smaller bag also has the bag repeated on it, but instead of housewares, it shows shopping carts.

These bags are not only durable, but they are also a great marketing tool for reusable bags at Bed Bath and Beyond. Made of Polypropylene Non Woven (PPNW) material, they are inexpensive to make as well as environmentally friendly, because they have the capability to be reusable. PP Non Woven bags can be customized to fit your brand because the color of the material used as well as the ink colors are limitless.

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