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Materials For Your Paper Shopping Bag

When designing a unique paper shopping bag, it is important to consider the type of materials used for the project. There are a multitude of papers that can be made into shopping bags such as: bleached kraft, brown kraft, wood free, specialty, recycled, FSC® Certified, and paper materials with post-consumer waste. These selections will make excellent choices for all of your shopping bag projects.

First, it is important to consider what the function of the shopping bag is. Will it hold a t-shirt or a product that is heavier? The weight of the contents should influence the weight of the paper used. When it comes to sizing, the contents should also come into consideration so the shopper is appropriately sized to accommodate the merchandise.

The materials you use may be influenced by the latest bag ban laws in your area. As bag bans are spreading nationwide, we recommend creating bags with 40% post consumer waste. Constructing shopping bags with a certain percentage of post-consumer waste is mandatory in many regions. If you have a store in Austin, Texas, a shopper made from 80% pcw paper is required. We can print a message about the recycled content of your bag right on the bottom. This message will show customers your brand is commitment to the environment.

If you are in a bag ban area, it’s important to avoid lamination and papers that are less eco-friendly. Using environmentally friendly papers such as brown kraft paper or recycled papers will significantly reduce your impact on the environment. When lamination is avoided, our bags become recyclable. This can also be noted on the bottom of the bag.

Depending on the selected paper and design style, pricing may vary. Contact us at Prime Line today to discuss the many different paper choices that can be used for your next project.