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Mother’s Day Packaging: Beauty Boxes and More

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Even though we are excited for the fall weather, activities and upcoming holidays, now is the time to start thinking about how to brand your Mother’s Day packaging for 2021. Considering the ever-changing designs and trends in the beauty industry, cosmetic companies especially are now brainstorming new ideas. For moms and moms-to-be, cosmetic companies love creating unique stand out pieces for their cosmetic packaging.

Products ranging from gift sets and subscription boxes to zippered pouches and gift with purchases make up a variety of cosmetic packaging items perfect for Mother’s Day. Some other pieces to think about are paper and reusable shopping bags and mailer boxes. These pieces are ideal for all of the moms in your life. Whatever your brand identity may be, we can make your Mother’s Day cosmetic packaging items into eye-catching works of art mom will love.

Mother’s Day Packaging: Gift Sets and GWP’s

Gift box sets along with gift with purchases are ideal items to have and are one of the most popular when celebrating Mother’s Day. Gift set boxes easily tie into your cosmetic packaging collection. Construct your boxes from various materials and constructions for a totally unique piece. From pop-up boxes to folding two-piece boxes or gift sets with custom inserts; your Mother’s Day cosmetic packaging pieces can easily secure your makeup items when gifting. If your company is an e-commerce brand, mailer or subscription boxes are the perfect items to have, especially when shipping fragile products like perfume. Ensure safe transit of your cosmetic items by customizing the size and shape of your mailer to the product.

In addition to gift set boxes, gift with purchases are the perfect little add-ons to any order. Having a GWP (gift with purchase) item in your cosmetic packaging collection acts like a gift for the purchaser or a little something extra to add to mom’s gift. Whether you are giving the GWP as a gift or keeping it for yourself, cosmetic GWP’s supports customer purchases by getting the customer excited about receiving a gift from the brand. GWP items can range from reusable tote bags to pouches of all shapes and sizes. Cosmetic companies love to use their gift with purchase items for promotional events for the holidays and especially Mother’s Day.

Shopping Bags and Pouches

Finally, your brand’s most important Mother’s Day packaging pieces are shopping bags and pouches. Cosmetic packaging for Mother’s Day not only act as advertisements outside of the store but can also double as gift packaging. When creating a unique shopping bag for your brand’s cosmetic collection, many important factors come into play: materials, sizes and treatments. Shopping bags, whether paper or reusable are fun to create and tailor to your brand. Reusable bags are normally made from pp non-woven or pp woven and can incorporate the season’s newest trends. When it comes to treatments, spot uv, hot stamping or laminations can emphasize any current style.

Similar to shopping bags, cosmetic pouches are important to have and are also one of the most popular items to be used as gift with purchases. After purchase, many customers will either keep their pouches on their person or in their makeup case. Cosmetic pouches are perfect for those moms who are always on the go as they can be lightweight and compact. Your pouches can have interior pockets for storing all of your cosmetic needs.

Cosmetic pouches for Mother’s Day maximize space anywhere and can be made from any of the following materials; vinyl, pvc, pp non-woven, cotton or nylon. A custom cosmetic pouch can complete the look of your brand by adding some custom treatments. Embossing/debossing, custom interior/exterior printing, embroidery or custom zipper pulls can take your products from ordinary to eye-catching. To further customize your Mother’s Day packaging, incorporate any of these upcoming Spring 2021 trends.

What’s Trending: Spring 2021

When it comes to creating Mother’s Day packaging that’s on point, there is a Spring 2021 trend that can fit into your cosmetic brand’s style. Each trend can speak to your target audience in its own unique way. Here are some future Spring trends to look out for.

  • Cream or ivory – These perfect neutral tones effortlessly carry over from season to season. Use alone for an Ethereal feel or pair together with florals or bright colors for a completely unique Spring pattern.
  • Florals – Florals are always trending in Spring. These timeless designs give off a feminine charm no matter the color palette or pattern. Florals can range from big and bold to patterned and delicate.
  • Sheer materials – Think organza and light cottons. These light materials are perfect to create gift packaging from pouches to tote bags. Materials like organza and lightweight cotton reflects the light and airy spring season.
  • Bright yellows – Similar to its golden yellow cousin, bright yellow is another classic look for the upcoming spring season. With bright yellow, your brand can make those spring days even brighter with pops of yellow or with a monochromatic look.

Most importantly, cosmetic companies are adding all of these trending items to their collections as fashionable packaging programs; perfect for Mother’s Day. Using popular materials, trends and custom embellishments will create items that moms and moms-to-be will love. They will use your cosmetic packaging products currently and for years to come.