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Marsala: 2015 Pantone Color Of The Year



The Pantone color of the year is one of the most influential indicators of the trends you will see in the upcoming months. This hue will be prominently seen throughout fashion, home décor, design, makeup, and packaging. The color the committee selected for 2015 is Marsala.

Marsala is an earthy red brown reflective of the red wine its named after. Pantone describes it by saying its “satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.” This organic color is warm and inviting, and it gives off an elegant feel. Making it the perfect color to add into gift packaging, custom pouches, boxes and more.

This bold hue is so versatile that it can stand on its own. However, it is also soft enough that it can make a great accent without being too dominating. The past few years, Pantone has chosen bright colors like Orchid and Fuschia as the trends for the year. Marsala is much more neutral than these hues, and therefore, can be more versatile and appealing to use in your holiday and everyday packaging.

This color will be filtering its way into all aspects of design, especially 2015 packaging trends. If your packaging is looking outdated, rethink your color palette and see if Marsala works for your products. It may be the year’s trendy color, but it will not look dated in a few years. This wine hue has a timeless feel, and will give your boxes and bags a sophisticated style.

Do you think Pantone made the right choice for the Color of the Year? Let us know your thoughts on Marsala and if you would use it in your products.

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