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If the Shoe Fits, Bag It: Custom Dust Bags

Custom shoe boxes and bags are the ideal way to accent an important purchase. Whether the bag is used at the end of the sale for transport or long-term for storage, a custom printed shoe bag or shoe box is a worthwhile investment.

Footwear boxes and bags can be accented with a variety of add-ons, such as:

  • Retail shopping bags can be done in paper, plastic or reusable styles. They can also be custom branded.
  • Pouches can be custom created out of a myriad of reusable materials with endless construction and branding possibilities, including printing, hot stamping and embroidery
  • Boxes can be printed, hot stamped, and custom made to any size, in any style, or in any weight
  • Instore shoppers and trade show bags are another great way to advertize your brand

Store fronts gravitate towards our custom printed shopping bags and totes, crafted from custom colored paper, Kraft, plastic, or reuseable fabrics. Your customers will look sharp as they carry away their new purchases.

Long-term bags are constructed of more durable fabrics such as cotton, felt, or PPNW. These are meant to store shoes for traveling or storage. A custom embroidered logo or printed logo adds a lovely touch the bag. Zippered or drawstring closures make the shoes or boots easily accessible, yet protected. Quality shoe boxes are also used for storage.

Businesses such as department stores, boutiques, golf stores, shoe and boot companies, bridal stores, sports stores, designer outlets, and promotional firms are all active vendors of custom shoe bags and boxes.

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