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Switching to Eco-Friendly Die Cut Shoppers

In the days of reusable shoppers, and companies becoming eco-friendlier, switching to reusable shopping bags not only has the potential to be more cost-effective, but also has less of an impact on the environment.

If your company is currently using paper or plastic shopping bags, it may be surprising to learn that a reusable pp non-woven die cut shopper is an affordable option, and also has an infinite amount of customization possibilities.

When choosing the right material, many companies gravitate towards pp non-woven due to its strong, inexpensive, and highly customizable nature. This durable fabric makes excellent eco-friendly die cut shoppers no matter your brand identity. Pp non-woven is versatile enough to be customized to any color and thickness and can be heat sealed or sewn together for a different style.

To complete your overall look, printing on your eco-friendly die cut shoppers are completely customizable. Incorporating treatments such as: embossing or laminations will add the finishing touches your customers will love. When searching for paper and plastic alternatives, ppnw is a great choice for stores affected by bag ban regulations. Unlike paper or plastic materials, pp non-woven is not affected by these guidelines.

To keep their branding edgy, and eco-friendly, many current retailers have made the switch to reusable die cut shoppers as a replacement for single use bags. After purchase, the die cut bags are great to reuse for errands, the gym, or storing personal items in the car or closet.

Considering April is Earth month, now is a great time to think about how you can incorporate reusable, eco-friendly materials into your current shopping bag collection.