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Design Services for your Packaging

Custom Designer Shopping Bags

At Prime Line, we know that sometimes you want to make beautiful packaging but don’t have the designer tools to do so. If that’s the case, we can work with you! Whether you need ideas on how to customize your current bags or you need someone to help design your entire look, we have the skills to assist you.

When establishing yourself, you want to have a united look that carries through all elements in creating your brand identity, such as: the logo, packaging, storefront, hangtags, etc. It is important that your branding accurately communicates who you are, so consumers can get your message immediately.

We can help you choose the right material, finishes, or embellishments. You might not be knowledgable on what handle would suit your project best or what material would be the sturdiest. But luckily for you, Prime Line’s design services are here to make sure that the client is happy with their packaging.

Our design services staff can work with your budget and get you the product you want. Whether you want a sleek, sophisticated look or a rustic inspired collection, we’ll figure out a way to make your vision come to life. There’s many ways you can embellish your packaging with little change to the cost. For a unique bag, you can do a number of things to make it your own creation. Some treatments can include: printed interior, spot varnish, grommets, embossing, custom closures or handles, diecuts, use of pattern, and many others!

What exactly are you looking for with your design? Are you showing off a logo or a photograph? Do you want a tactile texture? Do you have a pattern that highlights your identity? Is there a certain look you’re trying to achieve? The more specific you are with your request, the easier it will be to create the packaging you want.

Please email us at: with any inquiries, and we’ll do our best to guide you towards the right packaging at the right price!

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