You are currently viewing Elevate Your Brand: Custom Mailers with Logo Designs That Make a Lasting Impression

Elevate Your Brand: Custom Mailers with Logo Designs That Make a Lasting Impression

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One King's Lane Custom Printed Poly Mailers

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Your customers may never see your brick-and-mortar store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave an impression with custom mailers with logo designs. And, as an e-commerce business owner, you know that customer experience is everything. 

These custom-designed mailers give your customers a sense of your brand and its value, bringing life and personality to a brand they’ve only seen on a computer screen. 

With so many style and customization options available from Prime Line Packaging, you can choose the perfect mailer to complement your brand and make a lasting impression. 

Why E-Commerce Businesses Need Custom Mailers with Logos 

Custom mailers with logos are more than just a way to ship products to your customers. They’re an extension of your brand and a way to make a lasting impression.  

When your customer receives a package in the mail, the unboxing experience can be just as important as the product itself.  A well-designed custom mailer with your logo and branding can create a connection with your customers, even if they’re miles away. 

These uniquely designed packages are also an excellent marketing opportunity. When customers receive your product, they’re reminded of your brand.  With a well-designed mailer, your customer may even share it on social media in a trendy “unboxing” video, spreading the word about your business.  It’s a cost-effective way to get your brand in front of potential customers and increase brand awareness. 

15 Custom Mailers with Logo Designs 

  1. Kraft Paper Mailers with Logo

Kraft paper mailers are a popular choice for e-commerce businesses. They’re eco-friendly and have a natural, rustic look that’s perfect for many brands.  A custom kraft paper mailer decorated with your logo is a great way to show your commitment to the environment and create a connection with your customers. 

  1. Poly Mailers with Logo

Poly mailers are a lightweight, durable option for shipping products. They’re also customizable with your logo and branding, making them a great choice for businesses that want to create a bold, eye-catching design. 

  1. Bubble Mailers with Logo

If you’re shipping fragile items, bubble mailers with logos are the way to go. These mailers have built-in protection to keep your products safe during shipping.  

  1. Tyvek Mailers with Logo

Tyvek mailers are a lightweight, tear-resistant option for shipping products. They’re a great choice for businesses that want a durable, high-quality option for shipping their products. 

  1. Glossy Mailers with Logo

Glossy mailers are ideal for businesses that want to create a sleek, professional look. These mailers are available in a variety of colors, ready to be customized with your logo and branding. 

  1. Animal Print Custom Mailers 

A bold and daring design perfect for a fashion or beauty brand is animal print. From cheetah to zebra to giraffe prints, make your packaging stand out in the jungle of mail your customers receive daily. 

  1. Rustic Style Mailer with Printed Logo

A natural and organic design that is perfect for a business that sells eco-friendly or sustainable products. Durable kraft paper is the perfect material to use for a rustic mailer with some twine embellishments and your printed logo. 

At Prime Line Packaging, we offer a variety of materials that can be recycled or biodegraded, including paper and kraft mailers. These eco-friendly options allow businesses to promote their brand while also minimizing their environmental impact. 

  1. Matte Mailers with Logo

Matte mailers are another option for businesses that want to create a professional look. These mailers have a subtle, understated finish that’s perfect for many brands to create a cohesive, professional look. 

  1. Black Mailer with White Logo

Colorful packaging can be overrated, especially if your business is focused on simple luxury. A black mailer with your white logo design printed on it proves that simplicity is key.  

  1. Red and White Holiday Mailer

Join in the holiday festivities with special seasonal custom mailers. Design your padded, matte, or kraft paper mailers with holiday symbols and, of course, your logo.  

  1. Shiny Metallic Mailers

When your customer catches a sparkle of light in their mailbox, they’ll instantly know they have a package coming from your e-commerce store thanks to trendy shiny metallic customer mailers.  

  1. Sophisticated Marble Print Mailer

Marble print has been all the rage for feminine decorations, notebooks, and office supplies. For e-commerce businesses who have hopped on this trend and customer class, a marble print mailer will breathe some life into your brand.  

  1. Luxury Gold Foil Mailer with Logo

Luxury brands such as jewelry, clothing, and even beauty supplies can make their packages stand out with custom mailers and gold foil-stamped logos. Customers can’t wait to show off their newly purchased product when the packaging is almost too pretty to open.  

  1. Rigid Mailers with Logo Design

Sometimes your product needs a little extra protection during transit to your customer. A rigid mailer decorated with your logo design not only keeps your packaging stylish but also protective.  

  1. Custom Shaped Mailers with Logo

Why settle for a plain square mailer when you can have a custom-shaped one? Custom-shaped mailers with logos are a great way to create a unique, memorable unboxing experience for your customers. From hearts to stars to 

How to Order Custom Mailers with Logo with Prime Line Packaging 

At Prime Line Packaging, we make it easy for you to order custom mailers that match your branding and product needs.  

Choose Your Custom Mailer Style and Size 

We offer a variety of custom mailer styles, including padded mailers, poly mailers, kraft mailers, and rigid mailers.  Each style is designed to fit different types of products and shipping needs.  

Once you’ve chosen your style, select the size that fits your products best. We offer a range of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your products. 

Upload Your Custom Design 

The next step is to upload your custom design. At Prime Line Packaging, we use high-quality CMYK and spot color printing technology to ensure your custom mailers look professional and reflect your brand.  

You can upload your logo, artwork, or any other design you want to be printed on your custom mailers with our online Design Tools. 

Choose Your Quantity and Place Your Order 

After you’ve chosen your custom mailer style, size, and design, it’s time to choose your quantity and place your order. We offer bulk orders or smaller quantities with our small order program to meet your business needs. 

Before your order goes to production, we’ll provide a digital proof for your approval to ensure you’re satisfied with the design. Once approved, we’ll start production and ship your custom mailers right to your door. 

Request a quote for your custom mailers with your logo design today!