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Creating a Memorable Brand Identity

memorable brand identity

memorable brand identity

Halloween is approaching, and everyone is looking to step into a new persona for the night. People wear costumes and dress up in order to explore different parts of their personalities. Disguises may be fun, but wearing them might make you look unrecognizable or unapproachable.

If consumers cannot easily recognize your brand, then it can be overlooked for a more familiar product. In order to have a memorable brand identity, a brand should have an established identity and should not stray too far from it.

Consistency is key in branding. All aspects of your packaging, signage, marketing, and overall look should express who your brand is. If you have a cohesive look, people should be able to identify who you are instantly. Think of large companies, who’s look is so uniform that you could not possibly mistake it for another brand.

How can you create a memorable brand identity? You can create your own custom packaging identity in a variety of ways, such as: sticking with a color scheme (we can match any chosen Pantone color), font, pattern, or a cohesive theme. Your packaging doesn’t have to be identical, but it has to have the same overall feeling. For events like holidays or different seasons, it can be fun to switch up your bags or boxes with some specialty designs. There is nothing wrong with embracing festivities, but it should still feel like an extension of your previously established look.

Although perfect for Halloween, being incognito only makes a brand unrecognizable and causes confusion on what your identity is. Establish a cohesive look and expect more positive reactions for your products.

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