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Case Study on Urban Outfitters

Custom printed ppnw shopping bags

flipside kraft bag with sewn on handles

Urban Outfitters is known for their innovative and edgy merchandise. To keep their identity unique, it’s important that their packaging reflects their brand and also acts as a strong advertising tool inside and outside of stores.

At the beginning of the decade, Urban Outfitters wanted a cool bag made from earthy Kraft paper with neon ink. During the sampling process, our creative team constructed the idea of adding sewn on PPNW handles, a material that was growing in popularity at the time. It was the perfect finishing touch to a groundbreaking bag collection, as UO was first to market with sewn on handles based on our suggestion.

After using the kraft bags for several years, the buyer called us regarding one style, which was a paper die cut bag. The client told us that his paper die cut bags were uncomfortable to hold and he needed a new, cost neutral solution asap. We concepted a die cut bag out of PPNW, the material used as the handle on the shoppers, so that the new die cut would coordinate with the rest of the collection. Surprisingly, we were able to offer this at a savings over the paper die cut bag and as a simple, cost effective construction. Again, we offered them a unique packaging solution that was not being used by other retailers.

Turns out, Urban Outfitters loved the idea so much; they shifted their entire collection to PPNW. The shoppers are also lighter than standard with self-gusseting construction. For their holiday bags, a unique and subtle cross-embossing treatment was added on a red ppnw background with white print. This cross embossing can be found on the entire Urban Outfitters holiday collection. Using these iconic bags are a great source of advertising around cities, college campuses, beaches and can also be used as a gift bag.

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