Greenery: 2017 Color Of The Year

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A new year marks new beginnings, and what a better way to wipe the color slate clean than to select a new color of the year. Pantone has chosen Greenery, a fresh and revitalizing shade for 2017.

With invigorating yellow undertones, the new color of the year symbolizes new beginnings and the reconnection we seek with nature. It reminds us of the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive and renew winter’s landscape. Greenery signals consumers and designers to take a step back from technology and reset with the physical beauty and colors of the natural world. With the start of the new year we will be seeing this refreshing hue in the fields of design, packaging and home decor.

Due to this turn back to nature, Greenery is the perfect swatch to pair with other Earthy naturals as well as deeper bolder colors and metallics. Pantone has also put togethermultiple palates showing Greenery as the versatile trans-seasonal shade.

We love to see our logo color on trend this year; Green is our favorite color!


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