At Prime Line Packaging, the bold array of custom details available on our paper shopping bags is one of our trademarks. We offer stunning, couture-quality, customized paper shopping bags with options such as decorative stitching, ribbon handles, biodegradable (eco-friendly) laminations, velvet flocking, spot UV, hot stamping, a variety of textured papers, custom colors and more. We specialize in intricate designs and one-of-a-kind looks.


Consumers love reusable shopping bags for their longevity, and you’ll love them as a long lived source of advertising for your unique brand. Whether you are looking to create a customized cotton tote bag, a cotton muslin shopping bag, a reusable non woven shopping bag, or a shopping bag style all your own, you can choose from the hippest, most sought-after materials that speak to your brand.


At Prime Line Packaging, our custom plastic shopping bag selection is limited only by your imagination. Whether you are looking for a restaurant take out bag, retail shopping bags, poly mailer bags or product packaging, our design team can help you to realize your vision. Our unique custom blended films, colors, handles and sizes can be mixed and matched in an infinite amount of different styles to bring your bag to life.


A beautiful custom made box speaks volumes about what is inside. Whether you’re in the market for a gift box, jewelry box, shoe box, or apparel boxes, we can help. At Prime Line, we are specialists in high-end custom boxes that your customers will cherish long after their initial purchase.

There are many ways to have custom boxes, so our creative team will work closely with you every step of the way to help develop your envisioned product. Your box will be created to meet your exact specifications, from the board type and thickness of your choosing, to the paper or fabric it is wrapped in.


Our custom made pouches can be a nice alternative to traditional packaging elements, such as shopping bags and boxes. Prime Line Packaging offers a variety of custom pouches that can suit all of your business needs!

We offer pouches tailor made for jewelry, sunglasses, apparel, dust bags, shoe bags, as well as for many other applications. They are a modern staple that can be made into any size, no matter how small or large. These items are reusable and can be nice keepsakes for your customers and pair well with our hangtags.


Couture quality clothing deserves a designer package. Garment bags are a great way to fortify your brand. They keep the contents clean and dry and they can be as dressed up or simplistic as one would like. Garment bags can be made to precisely fit your suit, wedding dress, coat or clothing.

A good garment bag should reflect the quality of the clothing inside. Providing a quality garment bag to your customers will encourage them to use it repeatedly, both at home and in their travels, which will help create brand awareness. Our custom garment bags are a fashion forward way to make an impact with your brand, time and time again.


At Prime Line, we know that you want your brand to stand out from others. Customized e-commerce packaging will protect your products in addition to making a statement about your company.

We specialize in custom e-commerce packaging solutions for a variety of applications including corrugated shipping mailers, branded poly mailers, pouches and garment bags.


Contact our team and we will work with you to assemble the perfect package for your business needs.