Bridal Garment Bag

Spring is in the air, which means that wedding season is just around the corner. Wedding venues are getting booked, and guests are busy purchasing gifts for the happy couple. Brides are searching boutiques to find that perfect wedding dress. Whether you own a bridal boutique or you are buying a wedding dress, you know the gown needs to be protected until the big day. The wedding dress needs to stay clean, bright, and stain-free until the big day. 

Brides start shopping months before the wedding. Once they find the perfect dress, brides know it can’t be stored like a regular dress in the wardrobe. Wedding dresses and accessories are delicate, precious, and create lasting memories.

Designers create fine details on dresses, like beaded floral embroidery, that create an elegant look the bride has always dreamed about. The delicate work on the neckline and sleeves needs proper protection so that the dress looks gorgeous on the big day. A bridal garment bag keeps the dress spotless and wrinkle-free before and after the celebration.

A transparent bridal garment bag allows the bride to show off the wedding dress to her family before the big day. Everyone can admire the detailed embroidery without touching the dress. If the dress has many layers of fabric and beadwork, then chances are it is heavy. Hang the dress on a sturdy hanger that doesn’t have rough edges. This will protect the delicate fabric so it can be safely stored in a garment bag.

Custom Bridal Garment Bags

We have many possibilities for you to choose from when it comes to purchasing custom bridal garment bags wholesale. Choose from a range of colors, patterns, designs, and materials. We offer material such as EVA, RPET, and PPNW. EVA is a resilient, flexible, and crack-resistant material that is tough so it will protect your dress. RPET is eco-friendly and recyclable, so you can feel good about helping the environment when using your custom bridal garment bag.

Our garment bags are strong, durable, and preserve the dress for years to come so the bride can hand down her wedding gown to her children in the future. 

Why Us 

Our creative team of custom bridal garment bag designers also use unique embellishments to give each bag a personalized touch. The zipper closures and grommets on your wholesale bridal garment bags make for easy access to your gown.

Prime Line Packaging offers bags to fit your needs. Each bag is tailored to fit bridal dresses of different types, styles, and sizes. We offer custom zippers, handles, decorative piping, and tapered gussets to enhance the versatility of your custom bridal garment bag. Each bag features a custom pocket that allows you to label the bag.

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