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Wrap Your Next Gift in Reversible Packaging

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For holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, gift wrap has always been purchased in stores. Why not make your reversible packaging dual function, so they can be reused as gift wrapping.  A polybag could reverse into a holiday design or a poly mailer could reverse into a pattern that can be used as gift wrapping.  Get creative!

Since these reversible packaging items are durable enough to be reused, they can also double as giftwrap. Once your purchases are received, the packaging can be turned inside out to reveal customized printing and can easily be sent through the mail or exchanged in person.

Considering these bags are easily customizable, they can be created with recyclable materials and reusable closures. They can also be printed with your brand’s logo on an endless variety of films such as LDPE, HDPE, MDPE and coextruded plastic. Many accented printing options such as hot stamping and printing with multiple colors are available to further customize your product.

Since the bag can be reversible, these treatments can also be printed on the interior to be used again as gift wrap for any occasion. When you need to wrap a gift, consider using a reversible polymailer to make it stand out from the rest.