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Making Your Bag Unique With Custom Handles

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From die cut to satin ribbon handles, custom handles on your paper shopping bag will complete the overall style as well as the way the bag is carried. Some bags can be carried on the shoulder, and others are easily held with smaller handles. The types of handles used can make any bag unique and one does not have to be limited to only one length option.

Depending on your company’s brand and target audience, an assortment of handles and materials can be paired to create a shopper that is custom to your store. Grossgrain ribbon, natural cotton, satin, jute, rope and a variety of other materials can put the finishing touches on any shopper and put it in a league of its own.

Handles can also interact with artwork printed on the bag. Choose a longer quality rope handle for a sports themed bag to give the illusion of an athlete exercising as example. It will get your customers talking about the uniqueness of the shopper and double as a walking advertisement.

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