Shopping Bag Rain Covers

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Shopping bag rain covers

shopping bag rain covers

Rain covers for shopping bags is a trend that is hot in Asia and rapidly gaining popularity  in the US. These covers are like ponchos for your purchases during inclement weather.

Made from water resistant plastic, these covers will keep your purchases dry while out in the rain or snow. Regardless of brand identity, retailers feel that these rain covers are the perfect addition to any accessory collection. Since shopping bags are usually designed to be reused, one would not want inclement weather to ruin the bag or the contents inside. The covers are very easy to use with a convenient opening at the top so the handles of the bag can slide through and be carried with ease.

Considering these rain covers are made from a plastic material, they can also be custom printed or be created with a unique film to match your brand’s identity.

How will you protect your purchases in the rain or snow? Contact us at Prime Line today to create your own custom shopping bag rain cover.


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