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How We Add Handles To Paper Shopping Bags

cotton twill handles

rope handles with ribbon

Handles are often overlooked or are even an afterthought when designing a paper bag. Knowing about the different materials and styles used for handles are great for the designing process. From grosgrain and cotton twill to jute, rope and satin ribbon materials, choosing the best type of handle for your bag can have a big impact visually. While these handle types are very unique, they add very little expense to the overall cost of the bag.

Handle choices are practically limitless. For a garden center, jute is a unique choice to give your bag a rustic and Earthy feel. Jute is the perfect handle material to carry a selection of heavy garden products, as the material itself is very durable especially when braided.

For a different approach, a longer quality rope can be used for any store that sells sneakers or athletic equipment. Handles made of shoelaces will continue to carry your brand’s identity outside of the store. No matter what your brand or target audience, the choice of handles can also interact with custom artwork on your bag.

With so many choices of handle styles and materials, you can truly make your bag unique with custom handles. Send us your inspiration and we will match it.  Or, choose from our most popular choices and customize the width, length and color to your design.