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Paper Shopping Bag Embellishments

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There are many ways to take your bag from ordinary to extraordinary; one popular option is with embellishments. This is a sure way to turn your paper shopping bags into a work of art. Embellishments can range from the texture or finish of the paper to adding various types of laminations, spot uv, grommets, specialty handles, die cuts or metallic hot stamping.

Using laminations or varnishes can further alter the texture or finish of the bag. Gloss lamination gives your shoppers a high gloss finish, while matte and soft touch laminations offer a smooth matte finish. Soft touch lamination can be added to give your bag a “soft touch” buttery feel.

Matte and gloss laminations are great design options. However, when used on paper materials, they are not recyclable. Due to the many bag laws in place, matte and gloss laminations are not accepted in certain areas. Soft touch varnish is an excellent alternative for a matte finish and soft feel. If you want a high gloss finish to your bag, spot uv varnish is also an excellent option.

Along with lamination and varnishes, the use of metallics with foil hot stamping is also a great way to add excitement to your bags. While gold and silver are standard choices, there is a wide variety of foil hot stamp colors to choose from. This includes holograms, which is currently trending in the retail world. Also adding glitter or metallic grommets can add more dazzle to your bag.

To put the final touches on your bag, a wide variety of handles can be added from ribbon and jute to grosgrain and die cut. Incorporate some cool graphics to go along with the handles for a totally unique look. Handles are another distinctive way to customize your bag. Contact us at Prime Line today to discuss how to embellish your bag.