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Custom Store Branded Hangers

branded store hangers

branded store hangers

Branded hangers add a small yet necessary touch to any store atmosphere. They enhance the general vibe of the store while keeping clothes securely on display. They are an item that stores and consumers can benefit from. Branded hangers can be simply designed for functionality or designed with specialty printing and materials for a more fashionable approach.

Usually, hangers have a simple shape, but one can get incredibly creative to fit your store’s identity with different shapes and materials. Hangers can be hand stitched, custom printed, velvet flocked or created from a variety of materials such as: wood, metal or plastic. Custom printing, hot stamping or engraving can be done on these materials to add a simple, yet chic look to your hangers.

The customization possibilities are truly endless. Hangers can also have clipped hooks or extra materials to prevent the garments from falling off. Additionally, custom printed cotton can also be added to your hangers for added flair. They are the perfect accessories to your in store packaging. Contact us at Prime Line today to customize your own hanger collection.