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Trending Packaging Material: Velvet

Kraft box with velvet lining

To give their packaging a unique and luxurious feel, retailers are adding velvet flocking to their gift and jewelry boxes. This material is a great addition to every type of packaging and accessory.

Some accessories that can be created from this luxurious fabric are ribbon, pouches, box inserts and bag handles. These accessories can also be added to your custom gift or jewelry box for added flair. Combining velvet especially with metallic hot stamping, embossing, custom printing and embroidery will truly give your packaging an elegant yet simplistic feel.

Whether you’re looking for a simple packaging design like velvet ribbon handles on a shopper or an elegant pouch with a zipper closure, this is the go-to fabric for this season. Since this fabric is elegant and durable, it will keep it’s contents inside safe and dry. Regardless of the packaging type, these pieces can be kept as a reminder of your brand or can be used every day.

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